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The TBK958M laser screen dismantling machine has been well received by users at home and abroad since its launch. It is small in size, light in weight, full of scientific and technological appearan...

近期,TBK又推出一款激光拆屏打标机,型号:TBK958M。TBK新款958M迷你款智能激光拆屏打标机:体积36.5cm*23cm*42cm;重量轻,单机重量只有6KG。自主研发光路,电源集成一体化迷你激光器,配备云端数据更新;进口感应器自动对焦;进口高精度校准仪。标刻物件最大高度55mm; 打标范围175mm×175mm, 外接电脑;一键对焦,一键启动,操作简单!


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